The Prespes area is in the Northwest corner of Greece, at an altitude of 850 metres. It is surrounded by mountains and is an important national park due to its biodiversity and the indigenous species of flora and fauna. The area surrounding the lakes is a trans-border park that is shared by three countries, Greece, Albania and FYROM.

This is an area that combines wild nature and a wealth of water with a wonderful view and unusual flavours. It is on the outskirts of the National Park, with the rarest species of birds, hiking trails, Byzantine monuments, traditional homes with elaborate architecture, local products and the locals’ unique hospitality.

Prespes Lakes are the ideal destination for nature lovers. You will have the opportunity to see one of the last remaining wildlife preserves in Greece.

On departing, we recommend you take with you the renowned “Prespes Beans”, Florina red peppers, honey, jams, “tsironia” (local fish), preserves and local wines.

You can find more information on Prespes at the Society for the Protection of Prespes and at the Prespes Cultural Triangle.


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